Ever since the early 1900s the Vicaroni family has been living and working in this picturesque spot of Umbria, which still preserves the memories of a whole rural civilization, whose destiny has been changed by the impact of the progressive mechanization of farming over the years.

The family used to live in the house which was once called “Casale di Grello”, located at the very heart of a farm whose boundaries are still marked by beautiful driveways lined with mulberry trees, which represented a unique resource in the past that is almost completely forgotten today. However, the Vicaroni family managed to preserve these trees to the present day as an indelible symbol of old times.

During the season of the grape harvest the Vicaroni family used to have lunch and relax in the shade of these mulberry trees, also called Morus trees, where little Piero together with his cousins Marco and Moreno and other children living nearby used to play and listen with amazed attention to the rural tales narrated by Vincenzo and Maria, their beloved grandparents.

Although life led the family members to take different paths over the years and to live away from the old farmhouse “Casale di Grello”, Piero and his wife Milena kept pursuing his lifelong dream: coming back to live there. In the late 1980s, he courageously decided to realize his project: to repurchase and redevelop that beloved family country house, where the old stories told by his grandparents were still echoing.

Now the country house “Casale di Grello” and the marvelous estate surrounding it have turned into “Tenuta dei Mori”, a luxury tourist accommodation facility hosting guests from all over the world.

Thanks to Piero and Milena’s hard work and to the natural appeal of these stunning landscapes, what we see today is a harmonious mix of astounding sceneries of the Umbrian countryside and a well-balanced architecture of both old and modern styles. The estate is made available to high-end tourists, caring for details and looking not only for relaxation, but also for arts and culture of which Umbria and Tuscany are rich.

Today Piero and Milena are running Tenuta dei Mori with enthusiasm and entrepreneurial energy in various sectors together with their sons, Nicolò and Mattia, and a few trusted collaborators. This enchanting place characterized by unique breath-taking views has become a first-class accommodation facility in central Italy.