M’ORO extra virgin olive oil

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M’Oro, an Olive Oil cold pressed, comes from the Organic Olive Grove of Tenuta dei Mori. A product of Italian gastronomic Excellence, a symbol of the Umbria region tradition and culture, and last but not least an important ally for a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of First Cold Pressing, obtained from organic olives harvested by hand in the first part of October,and extracted with the old traditional method, through Sardinian granite millstones and hydraulic presses.

The care for organic method, the love and passion for our olive grove, the harvest by hand and the extraction method are the main factors that guarantee the quality of the final product and give to our oil an inviting green color and an enveloping flavor.

Rich but gentle, this multi-variety oil is made up of two varieties, Moraiolo 70% and Leccino 30%, and is able to enhance the character of foods without covering their flavors and aromas.

Further quality indicators are the extremely low acidity value and the possibility of milling within a few hours of harvesting, which allows us to preserve the organoleptic properties of origin.

Food and Wine suggest matchings: italian bruschetta, salads, vegetables, grilled fish or carpaccio, hard-boiled eggs, white meats, legume soups, well-structured white wines such as our “Stratus” Umbria PGI white wine.


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