Wedding menu - Wedding in Umbria

Wedding reception at Tenuta dei Mori

The wedding reception at Tenuta dei Mori is itinerant; will take place in three stages in different areas of the location:

  1. The event will be opened by a large buffet of appetizers with buffet spots and tables dressed with clothes of your own choice, in the front gardens of the villa.
  2. The lunch/dinner will be served arranging round tables: to dress them you can choose among a wide range of fabrics. Placemats are available in different materials, classic and elegant or contemporary and glamorous in glass or plexiglass. Your favorite style will be chosen together during the meeting at our Catering Company’s showroom in order to find you best design.
  3. The cut of the wedding cake will open the final desserts/fruits buffet in the beautiful panoramic terrace, that anticipates the moment of fun and dancefloor inside the dining room supplementing with our professional barman service (on request).
  4. Regarding the food selection below of each reception’s moment, it’s just an example. Before the final decision, we will organize a food tasting with you in order to confirm your menu. Our focus will be to set your favorite meal following your preference and food intolerance, always respecting our Italian traditions and typicalness.
Appetizer buffet
Menu matrimonio Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori

Welcome drink

During the starter and appetizers we will prepare a corner with some soft drinks such as:

  • White and red wines
  • Prosecco
  • Bellini and Rossini
  • Our fruits soft drinks
  • Flavored waters (mint, lemon, rosemary, sage)

Fried foods corner

(express and served in small paper-cones)

Sage, Aubergines, Zucchini, Zucchini flowers, Onions , Peppers

Menu matrimonio Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori
Menu matrimonio Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori


  • Wild boar sausages
  • Local ham from “Norcia” cut by hand
  • “San Daniele” ham cut by hand
  • “Finocchiona”
  • Spicy “schiacciatina” bread
  • Sweet “Coppa” sausage from Parma
  • Local sausage
  • Deer salami
  • Wild boar “Spianatina”
  • Goose salami
  • Wild fennel flavored salami
  • Lardo di Colonnata
  • Capocollo
  • Homemade salami
  • Pancetta arrotolata
  • Salami with truffle

Cheese tasting

of at least 10 varieties of cheeses such as:

  • “Burrata”, creamy mozzarella from Puglia,
  • “Scimudin” soft cheese from Valtellina,
  • “Stracchino Monte Bronzone” soft cheese flavored by Sagrantino wine,
  • Black cherry Pecorino cheese,
  • Gorgonzola dop,
  • “Formaggio di fossa” Umbrian cheese matured underground in pits,
  • Soft sheep cheese “Torta di Campagna”,
  • “Valcamonica” three milk cheese,
  • Robiola cream cheese from Valtellina,
  • Hay cheese,
  • “Caciotta” flavored by Wild thyme ,
  • “Blu” cow cheese from Monvis,
  • “Blu” goat cheese,
  • Tender sheep cheese from Valcavera,
  • Caciotta cheese with walnuts,
  • Umbrian sheep cheese,
  • Brie,
  • Soft “Asiago” Brà

…with a combination of honeys and handmade mustards and banana flavored homemade.

Menu matrimonio Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori
Menu matrimonio Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori

Cooking show corner

(the Chefs will be cooking live in front of the guests)

  • Plums with bacon
  • Fois gras with puree of red onions and Sicilian passito wine
  • Scrambled eggs with black truffle
  • Asparagus/Artichoke with ham sticks bastoncini and melted “caciotta” cheese
  • Aubergine rolls with buffalo mozzarella and smoked ham Tonno fresco con saba e sale grosso

…in addition “sea pans” on request with extra-price:

  • Red tuna with “sapa” and cooking salt
  • Red prawns with orange and “pachino” tomatoes
  • Angler fish, zucchini and saffron “Luciana” small octopus
  • Salmon with soused vegetables Swordfish with mint and cherry tomatoes

Bakery corner

  • Rosemary cornbread, “Bruschetta” with truffle
  • “Schiacciata” with onions (white flatbread pizza with onions)
  • “Bruschetta” of naturally leavened bread with olive oil, cherry tomatoes and basil
  • “Crostini” with paté (slices of grilled bread with paté)
  • “Ciauscolo” on a slice of hot grilled bread and sautéed vegetables
  • Lard of Colonnata with “bruschetta” and honey
  • French pastry “caramella” with local “Caciottina” cheese
  • Baked “toma” cheese with black truffle Strudel with vegetables
  • Bread with walnuts , wholemeal bread, with olives
Menu matrimonio Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori
Table service

For the service at the tables we consider 3 courses (2 first courses and 1 second course). Herewith below please find some possible combinations: our proposals are just indicative and we can modify it as you prefer.

Each fish course can be replaced on request with a meat course with an extra cost.

Menu matrimonio Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori

Proposal #1

  • Risotto with dried Sagrantino with melted pecorino cheese and raisin wine reduction
  • Mezzelune ( fresh pasta) stuffed with aubergines and buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and oregano
  • Veal fillet with herbal oil and “millefeuille “of vegetables

Proposal #2

  • Traditional “Frascarelli”with tomato and basil pesto and a parmesan wafer
  • Potato stuffed Tortelli” of Castelluccio white truffle flavored with truffle slices
  • Suckling pig fillet in a lard net with a delicate sauce of Pecorino cheese and pear in pecorino Montefalco Caprai red wine.
Menu matrimonio Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori

Proposal #3

  • Potato cream with poached egg and black truffle
  • Goat stuffed “Tortelli” with tomato and wild mint
  • Quail stauffed with Trevisano radicchio in Montefalco Caprai red wine and zucchini puree

Proposal #4

  • Potato “Gnocchi” with saffron and black truffle
  • Bread and sheep cheese “Tortelli” with a sauce of roasted tomatoes and Porcini
  • Veal cheek with potato rostì and crispy spinach
Menu matrimonio Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori

Proposal #5

  • Risotto with blackberries and “tartare” of fresh Porcini mushrooms
  • “Maltagliati” homemade wholemeal flour pasta with local ham from Norcia, pistachio and bread crumbs
  • Smoked pork leg, in a crust of bread ans salt, with thyme flavored potatoes

Proposal #6

  • Fregola (Sardinian pasta),whipped with pumpkin and zucchini, zucchini flowers and a veil of smoked scamorza cheese
  • Borage “gnocchi”with river crayfish and baby plum tomatoes
  • Lamb fillet with candied lemon peel and grapes

Proposal #7

  • Green broccoli cream qith caramelized trout of Clitumno and black truffle slices
  • Risotto with parmesan, licorice powder and pigeon sauce
  • Boned Guinea fowl, stuffed with spinach, ham and apple calvados

Proposal #8

  • Green pasta “tortelli” with tomatoes, green onions and zucchini flowers
  • Red beetroots “Gnocchi” alle rape rosse with goose sauce and potato cream
  • Rack of lamb with truffle of Norcia, artichokes ad wild mint

Proposal #9

  • Coal flour “Tortelli” stuffed with pear and pecorino cheese in a yellow pepper sauce
  • “Strozzapreti” pasta with Roman style artichokes with guinea fowl “salmi”
  • French pastry crusted veal fillet, chicken patè, Norcia ham and turne vegetables

Proposal #10

  • Fregola pasta with shrimps and oregano flavored aubergines
  • Potato gnocchi with lemon, clams and scallops
  • Sea bass fillet with Porcini mushrooms and crispy thyme flavored pine nuts

Proposal #11

  • Cannellini bean soup, octopus and fava beans
  • Risotto whipped with lobster and zucchini
  • Monkfish stewed with cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives

Proposal #12

  • Risotto with squid ink and sticks served with a pea pie
  • Tortelli stuffed with sea bass, fresh tomato and basil
  • Sea bream fillet stuffed with salmon, covered with zucchini and Castelluccio lentils

Some other options

  • Risotto carbonara style
  • Risotto, peas andred shrimps (seasonal)
  • Risotto, white truffle , scallops and ham (+ 8 euro)
  • Fregola with sea bass, black pepper, dill and fennel sauce
  • Fregola in Carcadè tea with shrimps and wild fennel
  • Barley with artichokes, fondue of taleggio cheese and sticks of Norcia ham (seasonal)
  • Barley , blackberries, radicchio,cubes of pumpkin zucca and amaretti biscuits
  • Mezzemaniche artigianali cacao e pepe style
  • Mezzelune pasta stuffed with pea cream with coulis of mint flavored tomatoes
  • Tortelli stuffed with artichokes, cheese and pepper (seasonal)
  • Ravioli stuffed with cauliflower, anchovy salted sauce and Amatriciana sauce
  • Agnolotti stuffed with aubergines, basil and mozzarella sauce, king prawns and Taggiasca olives
  • Tortelli stuffed with rabbit and asparagus and thyme sauce (seasonal)
  • Paccheri pasta in white duck sauce, with braised radicchio in Sagrantino wine
  • Nettle Gnocchi with fondue of Taleggio chese and walnuts
  • Chickpeas small balls with aubergines,tomato confit and salted ricotta cheese
  • Rigatoncini (small Rigatoni pasta) with Roman style artichokes and guinea fowl salmì
  • Gnocchi with black squid ink with sea fruits and cannelini bean cheese with sage
  • Spelt flour “Maltagliati” pasta with Porcini mushrooms, forest fruits and parmesan
  • Leek cream with green”gnocchetti” with spinaci and crispy Norcia ham
  • Velvet zucchini sauce with omelette with herbs
  • Lentil creamy soup with lobster
  • Cauliflower cream,small balls of red caviar and black truffle slices
  • and more for the second courses:
  • Veal fillet with coal oil and zucchini pie
  • Veal fillet in crusted pistachio goat cheese fondue and red cabbage in tonic water
  • Veal fillet with Porcini mushrooms tartare, lemon oil and crispy season spinach
  • Cheek with truffle and potato sage flavored pie
  • Veal leg with rosemary, lard and baked potatoes
  • Breaded piglet fillet with Pecorino cheese on a pistachio and spinach base
  • Sliced veal of Cinta in a Sagrantino reduction and a bunchof asparagus with bacon
  • Roasted lamb in Umbrian flavorings with a potato rostì
  • Lamb trilogy (rib, roasted lamb and hamburger) pure of aubergines +5euro
  • Boned guinea fowl stuffed with spinach, ham and apple calvados
  • Guinea fowl breast with fois gras, radicchio jam and chikory heart salad
  • Boned rabbit with potatoes , crayfish and a small bunch of green beans
  • Domestic chicken breast in a mustard, citrus sauce with a salad cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives
Dessert buffet
Wedding menu Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori

The final dessert buffet will be introduced by:

  • Cutting the wedding cake
  • Wedding toast with moscato grape “La Caliera”

For the dessert buffet you can choose and customize two different proposals:

1. Spectacular buffet of desserts

  • Trilogy of chocolate mousse in cup (dark,milk and white chocolate)
  • Piramyd of caramel puffs
  • Mignon Traditional Tiramisù
  • Chocolate cake with black cherries
  • Fruit tart
  • Small babà with Limoncello
  • Yoghurt Mousse with raspberry sauce
  • Coffee Parfait Lemon cake and meringue
  • Chocolate parfait with mandarin
  • Charlotte with forest fruits
  • Mignon basil flavored Panna cotta
  • Brulèè with pistachio
  • Strawberry mousse with whipped cream
  • Local “Crescionda spoletina” with custard
  • Fruit salad

2. Traditional umbrian cakes

  • Tarts with homemade jams
  • Hot “Ciambellone” with apple and custard
  • Pear strudel with chocolate and dried fruit
  • Aniseed biscuits
  • Almond “Tozzetti” biscuits
  • “Baci di dama” biscuits
  • Bitter almond macaroons
  • “Brutti ma buoni” – almond and hazelnut cookies
  • White wine Stratus IGP Umbria, Tenuta dei Mori
  • Red wine Cumulus IGP Umbria, Tenuta dei Mori
  • Coffee
  • Digestive liquors and distilled liquors

The above mentioned cellars could be replace with others on request. This option will change the price.

Additional ideas for beverage proposal
Menu wedding Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori

Coffee corner

Selection of coffees from different parts of the world Ethiopia, India, Jamaica, typical hazelnut flavored coffee from Naples, coffee with cream or shaken coffee.

Additional ideas for appetizer

In case you would like to enlarge the starting buffet, we can propose:

Crostini corner

  • Crostini with liver patè, crostini with goat cheese and rocket, crostini with cannellini beans, black truffle crostini
  • Bruschettine with different Umbrian oil tastings

Seafood corner

  • Oysters and seafood
  • Giant salty grouper
  • Spelt Couscous with squids and Taggiasca olives
  • Octopus salad with potatoes and parsley pesto
  • Sautèed mussels and toasted bread
  • Salmon with black rice and ginger
  • Smoked swordfish with corn salad and citrus
  • King prawns in kataifi pasta
  • Velvet soup of chickpeas with genuine clams

Open-plan kitchen

An open cooking space where we will assemble, dress and cooking in front of your guests some dishes chosen between tradition and innovation, simple and genuine, with the adding of that something which will surprise you in absolute simplicity, like using wild herbs, combinations of colours, contrasts of taste and much more. Some examples:

  • Mixed wild vegetables and strawberries flavored with mill oil and fruity vinegars
  • Baked potatoes with scamorza cheese and black truffle
  • Trevi celery with Lonzino (local loin) and salted zabaione
  • Goat cheese small balls with fennel and sesame seeds
  • Cream of dried fava beans with a slice of salmon trout , crispy spinach and fried “spaghetti”
  • Salmon tartare with green apples and sour cream
  • Avocado, onion, tomato, lime and cumin
  • Codfish whipped with parsley, carasau sardinian bread and plum sauce
  • “Panzanella” salad of breadsticks and garden vegetables Gazpacho and skewer of vegetables

Tradition corner

  • Pecorino cheese biscuit with acacia honey and pear slices
  • Small French pastry “candy” of local Caciottina cheese with melted parmesan and black truffle
  • Parmigiana of Aubergines Umbria “Panzanella “ salad with breadsticks
  • Zucchini flowers stuffed with tomato coulis
  • Salt cake with local sausage and country herbs
  • Omelette with chicory Potato with scamorza cheese and truffle
  • Croutons with Umbrian paté Bruschetta with truffle

Farmer’s salads corner

(to be chosen among 5 typologies depending on seasonality)

  • Celery and capocollo with salty zabaione (eggnog) with white pepper
  • Crispy spinach, ham and parmesan slices salad of peppers, fresh tuna and quail eggs
  • Mixed salad of with aromatic herbs fresh and dried fruits, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
  • Farro salad with vegetables and rocket salad of grilled aubergines, caciocavallo cheese and chilli oil
  • Rocket, champignon mushrooms and parmesan potato salad, mushrooms, bacon and celery
  • Cucumber salad with orange peel and mint, melon and asparagus
  • Salad of carrots and cinnamon flavored oranges, valerian salad, pineapple and grapefruit

Fresh “ricottine” cheese corner

(to be chosen among 8 typologies)

  • Mignon ricotta cheese with raspberries
  • Ricotta cheese and honey ricotta cheese with chocolate
  • Ricotta cheese and Nutella with pink pepper
  • Ricotta and pistachio, ricotta and poppy seeds, ricotta with citrus jam
  • Ricotta with figs, ham and rocket
  • Ricotta and marinated salmon with green tomato jam

Whims corner

  • Biscuit of Reggiano with acacia honey and pear slices
  • Small French pastry “candies” with local caciottina cheese, fondue of parmesan and black truffle
  • Little “Parmigiana” Sicilian style
  • Arancini croquettes
  • Salad of melon and asparagus, zucchini flowers with tomato coulis
  • The tomato “Pappa”
  • Compote of potatoes, quail eggs and cherry tomatoes

Raw meat and fish corner

  • Salmon tartare with sour cream spoon
  • Tuna tartare with grapefruit dressing
  • Marinated sea bass with orange and pink pepper
  • Smoked swordfish with valerian salad
  • Balik steak with white pepper and celery
  • Wild salmon with strawberries and dill
  • Tartare of croaker and citrus
  • Tartare di ombrina e agrumi

Warm soups corner

  • Chickpeas and rosemary soup
  • Porcini mushrooms soup
  • Velvet zucchini soup with herbs omelette
  • Fried bread croutons with pelt and lentils
Additional ideas for dessert
Menu wedding Umbria - Tenuta dei Mori

In case you would like to enlarge the final dessert buffet, we can propose:

Ice cream corner

  • Ice cream whipped “live”
  • Bomboloni fried “live”

Sorbet corner

(4 typologies at your choice)

  • Strawberry and mint, Mango and basil
  • Papaya and peach Banana and thyme
  • Passion fruit and orange Pear and peach
  • Pineapple and basil, Cocoa, mandarin and coffee
  • Cherry and Porto, Grapefruit and green tea
  • Blackberries and marjoram Raspberries and calamint

Spectacular fruits corner

  • Fruit salads Pineapple “Carpaccio”, strawberries and mint
  • Fresh fruit soup in spicy syrup
  • Flambé banana with rum and chocolate
  • Melon small balls with Porto Passion fruit with Chantilly
  • Alchechengi with dark chocolate Chinese mandarin skewers and cotton candy
  • Frosted grapes Papaya with raspberries and calamint

Rhum & chocolates corner

  • The corner of Rhum and Chocolates

Almond candies corner

  • Tasting spot for flavored almond candies
  • Chocolate dragees and liqueur bonbons
Extra services
  • Extra dishes (courses)
  • Sculptured of watermelon or pumpkin
  • Ice sceneries (minimum 4 pcs)
  • Sommelier for the wine service (one every 50 people)
  • Sitting lounge area consisting of 1 sofa with matching cushions, low table in combination and 4 pouf
  • Rectangular or quare fabric roof and side veils
  • Big lighting spheres (also suitable for water)
  • Small lighting spheres (also suitable for water)
  • Realization of tableau
  • Creation of outdoor scenographic areas with lanterns and candles, cushions, carpets and more to be quoted on request
  • “Confettata”
  • “Caramellata”
  • Illumination of large spaces with an external luminous sphere
  • Lighting with bright threads
  • Print of the menu