Wedding cake - Relais Tenuta dei Mori

The wedding cake

We can create your personalized (from traditional to modern cake design) wedding cake; following your tastes and your favourite design. Our pastry will realized your dessert and deliver it directly to the location about an hour before eating it in order to guarantee freshness and quality.

Open bar & barman

The service usually includes all the classic drinks, cocktails and long drinks (using glass and polycarbonate glasses) with the possibility, on request, to compose a personalized list with the theme of the evening or according to the tastes of the couple. The proposal includes all the necessary accessories, service counters, all products for the preparation of drinks: materials, ice, soda, soft drinks and a selection of top quality spirits, professional staff and in the number necessary to provide our best service.

Open bar - Relais Tenuta dei Mori
Music service - Relais Tenuta dei Mori

Live Music & DJ set

Our venue has a sound diffusion system camouflaged (in the garden and on the rocks) externally and internally; in the pool area, in the panoramic lounges, in the panoramic terrace and in the wooden gazebo.

You could provide us with a reference playlist to add to our system. On request, we could offer you various solutions for live music: DJ set, live band, classic with acoustic instrument, duo with voice and guitar, and more.

Mozzarella live cooking show

Enjoy the real experience of the italian mozzarella cooking show live!

A local farmer come here during the reception to prepare in real time a Mozzarella cheese that you may add in your lunch-dinner menu, discovering a typical local food.

Mozzarella - Relais Tenuta dei Mori
Beer Truck - Relais Tenuta dei Mori

Beer Truck

This is a new idea for 2019 season to create friendly and fun atmosphere. A vintage “Ape” (a typical Italian little truck) with a draft beer system will be at your disposal during your stay here.

The craft beer is an Umbrian local artigian producer which includes 20 litre of product (standard supply).

Weddings and events

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